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Business owners and facility managers have plenty to do, but one area that can get neglected when it comes to facility maintenance services is paint. Nearly All business owners and managers understand that it is essential to keep the building clean and organized, but too many underestimate the effect that a fresh coat of paint on your facility's overall image can do. Looking to sign new clients to a lease? Do you want to get more business in Chicago IL? Then, be sure to get in touch with Final Touch Decorating for corporate facility services today.

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Why You Need a Commercial Painting Contractor

At Final Touch, we realize that the bottom line is everything. Businesses don’t have the luxury of updating things just because they want a new look. Still, it would be a miscalculation to think about facility maintenance services as just a whim. Instead, hiring a commercial paint contractor like Final Touch Decorating is in reality a smart business move. The reasons are uncomplicated.

  • Attract new clients: A first impression is incredibly important in business. If your finishes look less than ideal, it is probable that your potential clients will look elsewhere.
  • Promote professionalism: You need your business to be taken seriously, which is why you have to look the part. A poor paint job suggests that you are a less than professional operation.
  • Establish your brand: The appearance of your facility characterizes your business. If you want clients to recognize your brand, begin with a bold, fresh paint job.
  • Raise standards: If the paint on your facility needs repair, then employees will presume that you cut corners in other parts of the business as well. A fresh, modern finish is more likely to keep employees working at their highest standard.
  • Maintain growth: A commercial paint job should be considered as part of facility maintenance services. The look must be maintained routinely in order to continue reaping the benefits. Simply put, continuous maintenance can equal sustained business growth.

These reasons are just the start of what corporate facility services can do for your business today.

Choosing the Best in Chicago IL

When you look for a commercial painting contractor, remember Final Touch. We have been a trusted name in Chicago for years. We specialize in all commercial, corporate, and industrial facility maintenance painting. Every team member is trained to have a complete understanding of specialty coatings, application techniques and the chemical properties of paint. This permits us to use the best techniques, and invest in quality equipment. In order to best provide you with corporate facility services, we will produce a custom plan that matches your individual business needs. No matter what sort of business you operate, we have the experience to work in any environment. To Final Touch, each client matters, and we work hard to stay on time and under budget to minimize the impact to your business. Ultimately, our mission is to Paint a Beautiful Chicago, One Building At a Time. With Final Touch Decorating, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our facility maintenance services.

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Understand Your Service Options

At Marquards, we offer a range of corporate facility services for our clients. Consider the option that best fits your business needs. These maintenance programs allow an initial paint job to have a lasting impact on your business success.

  • Monthly Maintenance Program: A trained inspector will review your property to look for areas that need attention. This can address areas that receive a lot of wear and tear or any unexpected damage to the paint finish. This program can also include routine touchups by our professional painters. Businesses with high traffic needs often benefit from this tier of service.
  • Yearly Maintenance Program: If your business does not need as much maintenance, yearly checks may be sufficient and a better match for your budget. With yearly maintenance, our crew will review your property each year to identify problem areas.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Program: In order to meet the individual needs of our clients, we will work on your schedule. Pick how often you want us to review your facility for the ultimate convenience.


For your reference, our work covers the following areas.

  • Corporate facilities
  • Commercial properties
  • Private schools
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores

You can contract Marquards for painting, dry erase wall coatings, floor coatings, pressure washing and much more.

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Invest in Your Business Today

Facility maintenance services should not be luxuries. If you want to continue to grow in the commercial or industrial arena, then you need to continue to invest in quality painting services. Fortunately, for all corporate facility services and beyond, Final Touch Decorating is here. Call today for a commercial painting contractor you can trust.