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Exterior House Painting Oak Park

As the weather gets warmer, you're probably thinking about sprucing up your Oak Park IL, home with a new look. A new look should start with a professional exterior house painting job. You shouldn't just trust any random company with it, however. You love your home, and you'll want to work with experts who'll give it the respect it deserves. At Final Touch Decorating, we'll give it that respect.


Finding the Right Painters

We get that you're a busy person, so you won't have the time to paint your whole exterior yourself. Finding the right outside house painters means finding that perfect balance of time, budget and quality. You know it will take time to get the job done well, but you don't want your house to be a construction site for weeks on end. In the same way, you don't want to pay exceedingly low prices for shoddy work, but you also don't want to pay exorbitant amounts for quality.

Fortunately, working with our team means that all you'll have to do is give us the color scheme and finish that you desire. We'll do our best to have it done on time and within your budget. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed at Final Touch Decorating, and you'll be no different.

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Why Should I Have My Home's Exterior Painted?

In the first place, the exterior is the first aspect of your home that anyone sees. You'll want your home to have the right level of curb appeal to impress your friends and neighbors. You'll want an exterior paint job that you can feel proud of, and there's no shame in being a little smug if the job's done by exterior house painters with a full understanding of the characteristics of exterior paint.

On top of all of that, improved curb appeal has been proven to give property owners a definite advantage if they ever plan to sell their house or condo. Even if you plan to stay for a while, you'll want something that expresses who you are as a homeowner. Not only will we paint your walls, but we can also paint your garage, deck and pergola to match your style.

New Paint Adds Protection to Your Home

We know how extreme the seasons can get in Oak Park IL. From occasionally torrential storms in the spring to bitter cold and blizzards in winter, the elements can do real damage to your home's siding if left untreated. The good news is that a fresh coat of paint can add a layer of protection to your siding or walls. New paint can also create a barrier to keep pests from causing exterior damage.

As for the paint job itself, a professional exterior house painting won't need to be touched up or replaced for at least seven years. If something should go wrong, however, we provide a one-year warranty on each job we undertake. We're also familiar with the latest equipment and industry techniques.

Exterior Painting Oak Park

New Paint Increases Your Home's Value

Studies have shown that a fresh coat of exterior paint can lead to a return on value of 140% in some circumstances and over 100% in most of them. That ultimately means thousands of dollars just based on how your home looks to others. Not only that, but new paint tells homeowners that they won't have to do as much maintenance on the property when they buy it.

It can also show off the rest of the property's exterior. For example, if you want soft colors or pastels for your home, those can showcase your entryways and bring attention to the plants in your garden.

The Professional Promise

When you decide to work with Final Touch Decorating, you can be sure that we're a fully licensed and insured business with vetted painters specialized in all aspects of exterior painting. Each member of our team is vetted before they're hired, so you don't have to worry about any shenanigans on the side. Before each job, we brief them on just what each client wants out of their work. We also provide:

  • Free estimates
  • A commitment to quality customer service
  • Years of painting experience and advice
Exterior Painters Near Oak Park

When our professionals paint a home's exterior, it's not just your project that's on the line, but it's their reputation and pride. This means that we'll be sure to get the job done right every time. It also means that we'll use top-quality paints that are meant to last without busting your budget. Many of our paints aren't available to average consumers, but they will provide a more beautiful look and better protection than those on the market.

Ideal Scheduling and Cleaning

We can work with you to have your project done according to your schedule. Whether you want to be away from home to take care of your day-to-day needs or want to be right there to oversee the whole process, we'll fit into your day.

When we're done, we'll also clean up all of our empty cans, brushes, rollers and other supplies, leaving you with a pristine home exterior painted by expert exterior house painters.

With all the advantages that come from using outside house painters, what are you waiting for? Contact Final Touch Decorating today to schedule a meeting or to receive more information.