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Our mission is to paint a beautiful Chicago, one building at a time. This means that each project, small or large, is carefully prepared and executed, to ensure each customer is satisfied. It also means that we are growing in breadth and depth of services, to offer a finishing offer that goes beyond painting.

Company Values


We believe that all lives are holy and precious, in the image of God, to be lived in full with dignity. We therefore strive to relate to customers, suppliers, co-workers with attitudes and language of respect. Discrimination and harrassment are not tolerated, and safety is a core part of how we work.


Pushing ourselves to provide great service and customer satisfaction give us the pride and sense of purpose of our work. We aim at painting a beautiful Chicago, one building at a time, and rely on skill development, rigorous job preparation, and timely responses to customer inquiries.


While relying on deep knowledge and experience, we treat each job as an opportunity to learn, define new solutions or innovate. Our work is organized to provide the flexibility and adaptability we need to work with other trades and around customer needs when working in occupied spaces.

Company History

4744 W. Lake
Chicago, IL 60644
(708) 434-5154

In 2001 Final Touch Painting began serving the Chicago area with just a staff of two. Its mission was simple: to provide great, high-quality service, and to build a relationship of trust with his clients. Our team developed a strong reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Our breadth of services expanded while our customer base diversified with general contractors, homeowner associations, industrial building owners, while continuing to serve individual homeowners. After more than 25 years of experience in the building materials industry, Alexis Langlois took the reigns of Final Touch Decorating, to put his experience in business management and people leadership at the service of our customers.

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Final Touch Decorating is founded on Respect, Excellence and Agility. Our employees, a proud group of men and women, enjoy and take pride in their work. The key to our success and happiness lies in the satisfaction of a job well done, the willingness of every employee to improve and a team spirit.

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