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Interior paint has a profound effect on people. Whether it's your team, your clients or yourself, the color and quality of your office paint is a pivotal part of your business. If a makeover is in the offing, the Final Touch office painters can take your interior spaces from drab to dazzling.

Since 2001, we've been painting a beautiful Chicago, one building at a time. The superior quality of our work is uncontested, and our track record for exceptional customer care cannot be beat. Our customized office painting services can transform your interior spaces and make your vision a reality.

Our friendly, fully licensed and thoroughly insured team will complete the process on time and within budget.


Why Final Touch Decorating

We have extensive experience with all types of Chicago commercial office painting projects. Our work has given us in-depth knowledge about the properties and characteristics of different types of paint. We know intuitively how a variety of finishes will interact with different substrates.

We adapt to your environment, and we work well under challenging conditions. Because we use state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques, we can guarantee flawless results.

We can work around your schedule during the week, on a holiday or over the weekend. Minimizing disruption in your workplace while we complete the job efficiently is an art we have perfected.

In fact, our commercial office painting services are an elegant example of how a well-run painting company operates. The smoother the workflow, the more efficient the results.

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Clients We Serve

Our office painters can restyle any type of indoor space. We paint stores, medical offices, restaurants, condo associations, malls, churches, law firms, banks, accounting firms, art galleries, hospitals, nail and hair salons and more.

Time Is Money, Money Is Time

Time is money for all of us. Our office painting services are designed to minimize downtime, facilitate workflow and prevent financial shortfalls. Some contractors have limited resources, so the job takes longer and costs more.

An inefficient paint job is usually a bad paint job. When you partner with Final Touch, you'll be working with the best.

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Effects of Paint Color on Employee Performance

Adding a fresh coat of paint in an active workplace can have a profound effect on the performance of your team. Studies conducted at the University of Hawaii in Hilo revealed that office color schemes influence employee productivity as well as behavior, morale and mood.

Office ambiance in general and color in particular can help staff to feel relaxed and comfortable. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that using color in a novel way to motivate office employees is catching on.

Bigger firms are using colors to reduce workplace stress and create a homier environment. Proper use of color can help employees feel enthusiastic about their work. Researchers say that's the best way to increase long-term productivity.

Here are some ways that creative office painting can benefit your staff:

Green and blue reduce stress. When employees feel stressed out, productivity takes a nosedive. Researchers at the University of British Columbia concluded that, "blue and green helps employees feel calm, relaxed and tranquil." The more active the workplace, the more blue and green walls can help.

Orange and yellow energize a workplace. These two colors help to stimulate energy, efficiency and enthusiasm.

White walls inspire optimism and hard work. Because white reflects light, it can make small spaces look bigger. White goes with everything, so you can easily add splashes of color to spice things up or to create a signature color scheme.

Red paint stimulates brain activity and increases attention to detail. The effects of red paint in an office environment will be stronger than the effects of other colors.

Combining two colors can heighten or tone down the effects of the primary color. Earth tones such as beige, brown, grey and black can all be used for accenting the colors cited above.

The colors you choose should correspond with what you would like from your employees. If you're not sure, give us a call. We'll help you figure it out.

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Things We Do

Part of transforming a workplace is to ensure that all the supporting structures are in good condition. We perform plaster and drywall repairs, install wall coverings and repaint acoustic ceiling tiles. We offer dry erase paint options for accent walls.

We also paint sheetrock and concrete walls, drop ceilings, doors and door frames. Additionally, we paint warehouse epoxy floors and spray-paint corrugated ceiling decking.

We can help you maintain the appearance of your building and save on repair costs with our robust preventive maintenance services. You can let go of worries about rust, freeze and thaw, mold, mildew and efflorescence. We will conduct a thorough risk assessment to rule out any threats that may be lurking.

Using advanced texture painting techniques, we can create an uplifting finish that can't be achieved with basic interior painting services or other conventional painting methods.

Before we embark on a new project, we prepare a meticulous plan to precisely achieve the desired results. The most important part of that plan is that you are 100 percent satisfied with the results.

What We're About

Final Touch Decorating was born in 2001 with a staff of two. Our mission was to build trust with clients by delivering the highest caliber of service available.

As our reputation grew, we expanded our services and diversified our customer base. Twenty-five years later, our goal is still to be the best.

Fresh, clean paint is a cost-effective and relatively easy way to transform your premises. Our highly efficient painting professionals can easily adapt to your environment. Our design team can help you select a color scheme that showcases your brand and supports your company mission.

If you're curious about how we can help you transform your office space, give us a call to schedule an onsite consultation and a complimentary quote. You have nothing to lose by learning more.