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Top 4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holiday Season in Chicago

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Top 4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holiday Season in Chicago

As the year winds down to a close, the festive holiday season is swinging into gear. From hosting overnight guests to throwing an epic holiday party, you may have big plans for the season. While decorating for the holidays will set a merry tone in your home, you understandably want your home to look amazing. If you are looking for the perfect way to freshen up your home’s décor for the upcoming season, hiring a painting contractor to transform your space with a new color scheme is a wonderful idea.

Final Touch Painting & Decorating is the company that Elmhurst IL residents have consistently relied on over the years for beautiful results, and our interior painters are thrilled to help you prepare for the holiday season. We know that your to-do list may be growing by the day. With our focus on customer service and with the diligence of our interior painters, we will produce hassle-free results that you will love showing off. What are some impressive ways to make the biggest impact with interior paint this season?

1. Focus on Accent Walls

While a monochromatic color scheme may work well in some spaces, creating an accent wall with a contrasting or complementary color is a brilliant way to add character to gathering spaces in your home. Do you want extra oomph in the living room, dining room or another area? Our interior painters are experts with the latest decorative applications. Regardless of the vision that you have for your home this season, we can make it happen.

2. Update the Cabinets

A full kitchen or bathroom renovation may not be in the cards this holiday season, but that does not mean that you need to settle for outdated, dingy décor. Our interior painters in Elmhurst IL can refresh your home’s cabinets to give them a like-new appearance. This is also the perfect way to introduce a new color scheme into these well-used rooms.

3. Instill Warmth with New Tones

Whether you have a few small family gatherings on the calendar this season or you have bigger plans in mind, you want everyone in your home to feel the warmth of the holiday spirit. By exchanging some of the colder or neutral tones in your home for warm hues, you can install an inviting vibe. Consider making a color change in your guest room and in the rooms you often entertain in to make an impact.

4. Focus on a Seasonal Palette

Do your holiday decorations stick out in your home like a sore thumb? Common holiday tones, such as red, green, blue, gold and silver, may clash with many other colors. However, there are extensive color options that can beautifully complement these tones as well. Because holiday decorations will be up for at least a few months each year, it makes sense to choose a color palette that looks great year-round.

Are You Ready to Celebrate the Season?

While you have plenty of planning, shopping and baking to do this season, you also want to enjoy the beautiful results of fresh paint in your home. Final Touch Painting & Decorating is the local painting contractor in Elmhurst IL that you can entrust with your upcoming project. In fact, because we deliver turnkey results, you can sit back and relax while our licensed and insured painters transform your space.

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