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Things to Consider When Painting Your Rental Property

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Things to Consider When Painting Your Rental Property

When you decide to update your Elmhurst IL rental home, or anywhere in Chicago for that matter, you will be painting and changing the look of its interior. Before dipping your brushes into the paint, it may be wise to consult with professional house painters. These experts can get the job done with flawless results. Also, these individuals understand the best products to use, how to uphold safety, and how to define the space with individual style. At Final Touch Painting & Decorating, we provide room painting services that will transform your rental space so that it is attractive to potential tenants.

The Best Time to Paint a Rental House

When your old renters move out, there may be residual odors that linger. These are likely trapped in the existing walls. Smoke, pet smells, and other negative aromas become permanent fixtures that can’t be wiped away. No matter how many deodorizers that are used, it is impossible to eliminate the smells. The only way to bring a fresh essence to the home is with a new coat of paint and primer. Professionals will have your place smelling better in no time.

Paint Without Mess

Your rental property may be fully furnished. In this case, the last thing that you want is to start an update without help. As a novice painter, you are likely to spill paint all over the floors and carpet. Splatters on furniture or draperies may decrease the value of your property. Professional house painters know how to complete the job without messes. They cover and protect everything inside of the rooms so that nothing is damaged. The finished results will attract many new tenants.

Choosing the Best Paint for a Rental Home

Obviously, you want your rental property to look good and to attract tenants. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune on paint. Luckily, there are inexpensive products on the market that deliver beautiful results. If you uncover an affordable and quality paint, you may not have the equipment to apply it correctly. A team of professional house painters uses the best and safest methods and equipment to deliver near-perfect results. Also, these experts can recommend the best colors to choose. It is smart to use neutral shades of semi-gloss paint. Bold or bright colors may detract certain individuals. A semi-gloss finish provides understated elegance to a room. In certain instances, it may be smart to create an accent wall that defines a space, especially in a small living area. For example, a home with an open floor plan may benefit from having an accent wall in the living room. It sets the space apart from the kitchen area.

Pay Attention to Important Rooms

When a person is looking to rent a home, he or she will carefully examine the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, these are two important rooms that should be targeted during an update. Although you might think that it is wise to paint the bedroom or the living room, the walls in these areas will likely be covered pictures or other items. However, stains and marks in the bathroom and the kitchen will be more noticeable. These are the spaces that should be painted first. Also, many people want a bathroom to act like a haven from a hectic day. Applying a calming color of paint will achieve this goal. Also, a great way to give the illusion of a brand-new kitchen is by painting the cabinets white. This gives a modern vibe.

Finding Quality Painters in My Area There are numerous professional house painters in Elmhurst IL. However, one of the best is Final Touch Painting & Decorating. Our team is fully licensed and insured, which means that your rental home is in good hands. We have years of experience and a proven track record of excellent room painting services. Your job will be completed in a timely manner and within your budget. To take the hassle out of painting your rental property, call us for a free quote at 708-434-5154. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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