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The Psychology Behind Illinois Paint Colors

The Psychology Behind Illinois Paint Colors

The Psychology Behind Illinois Paint Colors

When starting a painting project, many people simply choose colors that look good to them. For instance, children frequently choose to paint their rooms in their favorite color. Of course, painting a room in a child’s favorite color can sometimes lead to disastrous results. For instance, black is a common color choice among children, and it makes rooms look dark and depressing. There are also few decorations that compliment black well.

The reality is that color choice can have a major impact on how properties are perceived. In fact, research by Elmhurst IL interior painters has found that properties painted in certain colors tend to sell faster and command a premium price. Therefore, it is important for homeowners who are thinking about initiating a new painting project to understand the psychology behind paint colors.

Why Colors Matter in Painting Projects

Research has proven that colors have a significant impact on how people perceive a property. Some psychological associations that people form with colors are subjective. Experts believe that subjective color associations emerge as a result of experiences that occurred in childhood. For instance, if you hated a room that had a red floor as a child, you could grow up to dislike red floors.

However, research has also found that there are objective psychological associations that people tend to make with colors. These associations do not affect everyone in the same way, but a high portion of the population tends to form these associations. Therefore, it makes sense to design homes around color associations that have been discovered.

If you are skeptical of the fact that colors can have an objective impact on perceptions, consider some of the color associations that are well known. Red text has been proven to be more memorable than ordinary text. When documents are printed, using black ink on white paper has long been the norm. Black ink on a white background can be read faster than any other color combination.

Likewise, color choice can have a strong impact on how people perceive a property. Some colors can improve a home’s curb appeal while other colors can ruin a home’s look. For instance, homes with a purple exterior are unlikely to command a premium in the marketplace unless purple is used for artistic purposes.

Of course, people spend most of their time indoors, so the colors used on walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture can have a major impact on how people feel inside a home. Rooms painted in certain colors can have a strong effect on a person’s emotions or mood. When emotions are changed in the right way through the use of colors, people can feel more comfortable and even get a boost of energy while inside a property.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home

The psychology of color choice is a complex topic that requires property owners to do their own research. Since color associations are not identical for everyone, some property owners perceive color choice to be highly subjective. For instance, some people claim that dark blue rooms give them more energy despite the fact that research shows there is a statistical correlation between dark blue colors and feelings of relaxation. Therefore, it is important to start your research by looking at general color association trends that researchers have found.


Research has shown that the color pink can give rooms a soothing feeling. Pink has also been found to be associated with feelings of empathy. As a result, some researchers believe that painting a room pink can help to make children feel calm while encouraging them to be considerate.

Of course, there are also downsides to using pink. When children get older, they tend to dislike the color pink. American culture associates pink with girls, so boys may grow up to be angry at their parents if they grew up in a pink room. Even girls tend to want to paint their pink rooms a different color when they hit their teenage years, but this may be a product of young adults often wanting to cast off their toys to feel grown up.


Purple has long been associated with royalty. In fact, there were points in time when only emperors and kings were allowed to use the color purple. Today, of course, people are free to use purple all they want, and the color’s former connection with royalty may explain why it tends to generate feelings of passion and confidence.


Blue has been shown to help people relax. As a result, it is ideal in bedrooms and bathrooms that are often used to relax at the end of a long day. Overall, blue has been shown to be capable of lowering a person’s heart rate, minimizing anxiety, and even reducing blood pressure. However, homeowners have to be cautious when using blue because it can seem depressing when it is too dark and used too much.


Palaces have traditionally had a “green room” that was used for studying and important discussions. Surprisingly, researchers have shown that green actually improves reading speed and comprehension.


Yellow has long been associated with the sun, so it is no surprise that yellow can provide a boost of energy while making rooms feel welcoming. Studies have also shown that yellow can improve a child’s memory and concentration. As a result, yellow is great for a child’s playroom.


Red is one of the boldest colors that can be used in a home. The color tends to be associated with stimulation and high energy. Red can also help to boost focus, and there is even research showing it can improve a person’s appetite.


Orange has effects that are similar to red, but it tends to make rooms feel more cheerful. The color can improve a person’s mood in a way that improves communication skills.

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