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How Often Should You Paint the Inside of Your Illinois Home?

How Often Should You Paint the Inside of Your Illinois Home

How Often Should You Paint the Inside of Your Illinois Home?

Decorating one’s Elmhurst IL, home is a great way to add personality and style. It also has the added benefits of improving resale value and creating a safer environment for your family. But what about the interior? How often should you paint the inside of your Illinois home?

We recommend painting your home every three to five years

The most common recommendation is to paint your home every three to five years. We recommend using this rule of thumb for the best results. If your home is visible from the street or if you plan on selling your home, we recommend seeking home painting services every three years at a minimum. For example, if you live in a neighborhood where neighbors tend to keep up their homes and make them look nice all year round, painting your own house once every three years will help it stand out from the crowd.

Why should you paint the interior of your home

Painting the interior of your Elmhurst IL, home is a great way to refresh your space and give it an update. It can transform people’s perception of the room and their impression of the home. A fresh coat of paint on your walls can make them seem larger, more open, and more inviting.

Painting is also a good way to make a statement with your decorating choices. You may be looking for something bold or bright; maybe you prefer subtlety over flashiness. Whatever it may be, painting has so many different options available that there’s no reason not to go for it. You’ll have access to so many color options that finding the perfect shade will be easy because there are so many possibilities just waiting for you.

Repaint The Bedroom

Bedrooms are private spaces, so your interior painters will use colors that reflect this. It’s a great idea to give your bedroom a different paint color than other rooms. Also, to keep your bedroom in good shape, consider using paint that won’t be hard to clean. It helps to understand that some colors can be hard to maintain and should be avoided.

Update The Dining Room

After calculating how much time it will take for you to complete this project, add about 30 minutes for preparation and cleanup. This means that if it’s going to take two hours for you to paint an entire wall in your dining room with one coat of primer and one coat of topcoat finish paint, allow yourself three hours total (two hours plus 30 minutes) when getting started on this project so that everything goes smoothly without delays or interruptions.

Redo The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, so it’s not surprising that it is also one of the most commonly painted. However, because it is a high-traffic area, has moisture and heat exposure, humidity fluctuations, and attracts dust particles more quickly than other parts of the house, repainting your kitchen may be done more often than once every couple of years.

If you spend more time in your kitchen, you should consider painting over stains as soon as possible after they occur. If you don’t notice them until months later, then by all means, paint away. But even if there are no visual signs of grime or dirt on your walls right now, consider having them professionally cleaned before painting so they will last longer between re-coatings.

Liven Up The Bathroom

You should repaint your bathroom at least every five years. You can follow these steps to make sure the job is done correctly:

• Use paint with a low VOC content.

• Consider using an eggshell finish, flat finish, or semi-gloss finish on the walls and ceiling of your bathroom. The best option for flooring is vinyl or linoleum because both are easy to clean and will not absorb moisture from the ground below them.

• Make sure you buy high-quality brushes for painting so that there are no brush marks left behind when you’re finished.

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We recommend painting your home every three to five years. The paint cost is relatively low, so there’s no reason not to keep it looking fresh and new. Let us know if you need professional home painting services. Our team of experienced interior painters will give your home a perfect facelift that can enhance its resale value. We can also help you pick the best colors that match your home décor.

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