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How Often Does Cedar Siding Need to be Painted in Illinois?

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How Often Does Cedar Siding Need to be Painted in Illinois?

Once you begin studying exterior painting and wood siding options for your home, there is no question that you quickly realize that there are a lot of options out there! Your options would range from cypress, redwood, pine, thermally modified, engineered, and cedar. By and large, one of the most popular choices these days would be cedar wood siding. Of course, if you go with cedar that leads to a whole host of other questions, including the following:

How Often Does Cedar Siding Need to be Painted?

One of the best things about the exterior painting of cedar siding is that you can get by without repainting it too terribly often. Ideally, your exterior painting project on cedar siding should take place every 5-7 years, but under ideal conditions and special precautions that can be stretched to about ten years if needed. In order to do these exterior home painting services once every ten years, you will have to ensure that you have allowed for solid surface preparation and considered all of the environmental factors. Of course, your region has to be considered as well. Do you think that your wood siding in Elmhurst IL needs to be painted soon? There are some things you need to keep in mind regarding the process.

The Correct Paint and Primer Selection

In the case of cedar, you have to be careful about painting your exterior. Normally, run-of-the-mill outside paint is not going to be good enough to get a long period of time for the paint job on your cedar siding. This is because cedar might be easy on the eyes, but it is also a wood that is incredibly porous. Thus, a thinner layer should be left on the outer layer of the wood and this will normally be cracked by nature and the rest of the elements. In order to get the most out of your siding painting job, Elmhurst IL painting professionals recommend that you first remove the siding and put a coat of primer on all six sides. Additionally, it should only be primed with a stain blocking primer. Another good rule of thumb would be to use 100% acrylic-latex paint because it is thick, weather-resistant, and it will thoroughly cover all parts of your cedar wood.

Make Sure That You Apply Your Paint Properly.

You should use a roller, sprayer, or brush to your cedar siding. Using a hand brush will allow you to apply the thickest coat, but then you should back roll while the wood is still wet to get into those deep pores that the cedar is so well-known for.

Keep Climate Concerns in Mind.

Unfortunately, cedar is very susceptible to damage from the sun. Over time, your cedar paneling is going to be increasingly exposed to sunlight and other types of weather. This will take a toll on your cedar paneling and you will eventually see it become not only brittle, but then cracking and even eventually falling off completely. Of course, besides hosting a whole lot of eye-appeal, one of the best things about cedar wood is that it will have natural insect repellent properties. This is wonderful for homeowners, because there is no need for them to “cure” their wood with harsh insecticides or rough chemical stains. Cedar is also known for being a “straight” wood, meaning that it will look absolutely wonderful if you decide to stain it after you have painted it. You will have to ensure that your cedar has the highest quality paint available that is composed of 100% acrylic-latex paint. Can it be a do-it-yourself job? Certainly, but it is definitely a tall order. Thus, if you want to hire out the job and are searching for painters near me, you need to be aware of the dedicated experts at Final Touch Painting & Decorating. They will give your cedar wood the proper paint treatment that it deserves.

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