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Get Determined with a Home Gym Renovation

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Get Determined with a Home Gym Renovation

If you enjoy working out at your home in Elmhurst IL, you want to make sure that your personal gym is decorated in style. You need a space that is organized and that keeps you motivated to continue moving. An important element of the room is the color on the walls. The team at Final Touch Painting & Decorating can help you pick the right shade and can apply it with perfection.

Colors that Stand Out

There is nothing that will gain excitement like neon colors. Although you don’t want to feel as though you are at a rave party, you want to get your blood flowing. Neon shades will do the trick. If you are a bit skeptical, you can start slowly and can apply a strong shade on the room’s trim, closet doors, or other accents in the space. A professional interior painting contractor can suggest the best ways to incorporate these colors into the room.

Evoke Nature

Most people use neutral tones within their homes. If you are searching for a home painting idea for your gym space, you can’t go wrong with using natural colors. If you enjoy yoga or pilates, you need an exercise area that brings calming vibes. Colors like sky blue and grass green keep you in sync with the outdoors. These colors soothe the mind so that you can focus on your workout. Also, they boost concentration, which means that you will be more productive.

Go Bold

To get your heart pumping, consider placing bold colors inside of your home gym. For example, red and orange are considered “power” colors. They are sure to bring high energy to your space. You will feel empowered and ready to keep pushing yourself toward your fitness goals. Red blends well with the black and metal finishes that are usually found on most exercise equipment as well.

Metal Finishes

A very popular home painting trend is metallic colors. These exude strength and confidence, which makes them ideal for a gym space. These tones blend with all neutral colors as well. Brushed aluminum and stainless fixtures work as perfect complements. To keep things from becoming too industrial, your painting contractor can provide some tips to soften the appearance.

Go Unique

When you create a space for your home gym, you need an area that is functional and stylish. Using chalkboard paint will provide both a useful and aesthetically appealing room. Thanks to this unique paint option, you can write a daily quote for inspiration on the wall. Also, you have a place to track your stats and any important information, including your heart rate and goals for the day.

Organization is Key

If your home gym is not neat and organized, you will likely become distracted and will stray from your exercise routine. It does not take a great deal of effort to keep things uncluttered. For instance, simply placing a few shelves and cabinets in your space will create a place for towels, hand weights, and other small accessories. To stay motivated and to track your progress, you may place pictures of yourself on the shelves that show how much your body has changed. Also, you may wish to install a small refrigerator in the room so that you have cool drinks nearby.

Important Fixtures

A home gym is not complete without full-length mirrors on the walls. These bring the feel and appearance of a public gym space. Mirrors help you to watch your form throughout your workouts and to view your progress. Also, the lighting in the room is essential. Proper lighting will keep you energized. A dark space is dull and boring. By using multiple fixtures, you will keep the area bright and ideal for exercise. On the other hand, if you are into yoga, it is wise to use a dimmable light that will set a calming mood in the room.

Benefits of Working With a Professional Painting Contractor in Elmhurst IL Whenever you are tackling home renovations, professional assistance is always important. At Final Touch Painting & Decorating, we have years of experience helping homeowners select the best paint colors and applying these shades on the walls. Our team is licensed and insured and has the necessary equipment to safely complete any job. We use the latest techniques to deliver flawless results as well. You never have to worry about preparation or cleanup. We work quickly so that there is little inconvenience to your schedule. To receive an interior painting estimate for your home gym or another space, contact us at (708)434-5154.

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