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Best Tips for Painting Your Chicago Property During the Holiday Season

Holiday Painting Tips

Best Tips for Painting Your Chicago Property During the Holiday Season

A fresh coat of paint can brighten your home for the holidays and be a lovely way to face the new year. If you’re considering getting your home repainted before guests arrive, reach out to Final Touch Painting & Decorating for a quote and a conversation about schedules.

Finishing an interior painting project before the holidays can give you many other options to freshen and update your home. You may choose to rearrange your furniture or have your furniture sent out for cleaning. You may have your carpets cleaned and your solid surface flooring steamed. By starting the project out with a call to top interior painters in Elmhurst IL, you can celebrate the holidays in a home that feels fresh and new without the hassle of moving.

Steps to a Fresh Paint Job

There are several steps to an interior painting job for best results. Furniture will need to be moved away from the walls. Walls will need to be

  • swept and washed
  • patched and primed
  • finished with a topcoat of premium quality paint

Our crew of interior painters will manage with all facets of wall preparation, patching and priming. If there are large items of furniture containing collectibles, such as a display cabinet, it is wise to pack up those delicate items before our crew arrives to speed the process.

Color Considerations

As the weather in Elmhurst Chicago grows colder, perhaps you want to choose a rich, warm palette for your interior painting project. Our estimators can help you choose your finish, including factors such as

  • color
  • texture
  • sheen

Reach out to our estimators for a quote and a conversation about your end decorating goals. If you’re considering adding an accent wall, a single wall in a rich shade of dark green can be an elegant shade all year long and a special touch for the holidays. Talk with your estimator about your options.

Just Walls, or a Bit More?

It’s also important to consider how much area you want to paint. The experts with Final Touch Painting & Decorating do a majority of wall painting projects, but they can also help you update doors, trim, and even kitchen cabinets.

Once you’re sure you know how much you want painted, give our estimators a call. They can help you determine the best schedule for your project and provide you with a realistic timeline for the project. Any renovation project is disruptive and can be stressful. However, the sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started on your painting project.

Your Safety and Happiness Are Critical to Our Business

Our interior painters are all vetted and our business is fully insured. Everyone who enters your home from our crew will be reliable and trustworthy. We understand that there must be a deep sense of trust when renovation professionals enter any facility. Our crew will not put your home or family at risk.

Plan For the Future

It’s possible that you only want one or two rooms painted at this time. It’s also possible that you have no idea what colors to choose and just want everything the same shade. Our estimators can help you manage any and all of these situations.

Repainting any space is an ideal time for a deep clean, since everything has to be moved away from the walls. If you are not in a good place now to tackle such challenges but very much want to get your living and dining room painted, call us. Our hope is that your experience with our interior painters is so positive on these smaller projects that you contact us for an exterior paint job in the summer. No project is too small. Your home deserves excellent care by skilled professionals. Reach out to our estimators at 708-434-5154 for a conversation about the best color choices for your project and about your schedule goals.

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