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6 Paint Colors to Avoid When Painting Your Chicago Home

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6 Paint Colors to Avoid When Painting Your Chicago Home

It’s almost the end of summer, which means it’s a good time to refresh your home for fall. One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your home is a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, not all paint colors are created equal. According to interior painters, the following six colors should be avoided if you plan to repaint your Elmhurst IL home.

What 6 Colors Should You Avoid When Painting Your Home?


Red is vibrant, fun, and energetic. At the same time, it’s also associated with danger, caution, and alarm. In large amounts, the color has the potential to overwhelm a given space. Red paint should be avoided in areas of the home meant for quiet relaxation, such as your bedroom or living room.


White walls are classic, clean, and easy to incorporate into any color scheme. However, a white wall also makes stray marks and stains more obvious. Most interior painting contractors in Elmhurst recommend against using white in rooms where messes are likely to occur, like the bathroom or kitchen. Instead opt for cool neutrals or pastel shades, like light blue or green.


Pink is in the red family, so the shade has a similar tendency to overwhelm the senses. A solid pink room can actually look boxy and cramped, especially if the room has small or no windows. Avoid using pink paint in bathrooms, hallways, and other small spaces. If you absolutely need a pink-painted room, consider limiting the color to just one accent wall.


Yellow is a cheery, energetic color that will remind your guests of lemonade, sunshine, and dandelions. However, yellow paint can have a stimulating effect on the brain, which makes relaxation difficult. For this reason, the color isn’t the best choice for your bedroom. Instead, consider this hue for the kitchen, home office, or any room where productivity is the goal.


Most interior painters will balk at green because it can easily look tacky and outdated. The wrong shade of green may even make visitors to your home feel ill. If you want to inject some greenery into your Elmhurst IL home, try a houseplant instead.


These days, brown is a very popular color scheme for anyone who wants to avoid the typical, white-painted wall. The right shade of brown will look clean and modern, but the wrong shade will look muddy and dark. For best results, stick to lighter shades of brown, like sand or beige, for painting large areas.

Boost Your Home Value

Choosing the right paint color for your walls isn’t for your satisfaction alone. It can also have an effect on future buyers. You may have a hard time selling your home if your walls are painted an off-putting or dark color that will be difficult to paint over later. To prevent any headaches later on, it’s best to seek out the expertise of professional painting contractors. If you’re ready to update your indoor paint, reach out to Final Touch Painting & Decorating, where our friendly experts will help you decide on the perfect color for your home on a schedule that’s convenient for you.

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