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5 Ideas to Make an Interesting Statement When Painting Your Elmhurst Ceilings

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5 Ideas to Make an Interesting Statement When Painting Your Elmhurst Ceilings

Have you put your all into decorating your Elmhurst IL home without achieving the impressive results you want? Color is commonly used throughout all rooms of the home on everything from furniture and wall art to countertops, walls, trim and more. Even the most perfect color choices may not yield desired results when they do not comprehensively cover the canvas. In many homes, the ceilings are afterthoughts. They remain relatively textureless and have a beige, dull color. While you may have not spent time decorating the ceiling, it nonetheless impacts the décor and ambiance.

The good news is that skilled painters can apply beautiful color using a variety of techniques to give your rooms a finished look. Final Touch Painting & Decorating is the Elmhurst-area interior painting contractor that you can rely on for lovely results. What are the possibilities for decorating your ceilings?

Deep Tones

If you prefer a “less is more” approach to decorating your home, you can let the ceiling’s color make a bold statement on its own. From plum and burgundy to charcoal, navy and a wide range of other hues, deep tones can add a rich element that your space may currently be lacking. When selecting the right color, consider pulling one of the accents out of a throw pillow or area rug. This is a brilliant way to tie the entire color scheme together with a floor-to-ceiling approach. A color that contrasts the walls may look wonderful, but you may also achieve beautiful results by choosing a complementary tone that is a few shades off. Are you struggling with color selection? The inside house painting team at Final Touch Painting & Decorating is happy to consult with you about the options.

Highlight Trim Pieces

Rather than paint the ceiling a deep color, you can make a statement by focusing on the trim. This includes crown molding, lighting plates, ceiling fan plates and more. Instead of using your accent color to cover the ceiling, bring it up to the ceiling by painting only these accents. If you are concerned about your preferred accent color being overpowering or about how dark or bright the room may be from floor to ceiling, this is a smart alternative to consider.

Refresh with Color

One of the reasons why your décor may not look as lovely as you had hoped is because of the condition of the home. Older homes in Elmhurst IL have stunning character, but they also may have fissures and chips in the drywall that detract from the home’s design. Decorative paint can be used to conceal these spaces, and the result can be a refreshed space that you are proud to show off. One option is for the interior painters to paint the aged ceiling a deep hue using a flat or matte paint finish. For more personality, consider asking your painters to incorporate glitter, texture, swirls or other elements to decrease the appearance of blemishes.

Add Texture with Tile

Have you considered using ceiling or architectural tiles to add a gorgeous pattern to the ceiling? These tiles can be painted any tone that you prefer, so this is a wonderful option to use regardless of your color scheme. Some ceiling tiles have a metallic finish, and this can bring a unique element into your home. If you choose a ceiling tile pattern that is not available in the metallic finish you want, your preferred painting contractor in Elmhurst can make the update for you during the installation process.

Dress Up the Ceiling with Beadboard

Do you love the look of shiplap? Installing beadboard or exterior siding on the ceiling is an easy, cost-effective way to add this classic or farmhouse look to your home. While many people prefer to keep the beadboard on a ceiling a lighter color to take advantage of its classic appeal, the color possibilities are limitless. This makes beadboard a great texture technique regardless of the design theme that you are working with. Final Touch Painting & Decorating is the painting contractor that Elmhurst IL residents have entrusted with their home improvement projects for years. The painters have deep knowledge of painting techniques and finishes, and they know how to bring any vision that you have for your space to life. Are you still trying to select the right colors for your decorating plans? Regardless of where you are with your redecorating project, you can schedule a color consultation and discuss the painters’ availability by contacting the company directly today.

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