Historic Restoration

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Historic RestorationPainting the beautiful older historic homes of Chicago is our expertise. Whether you want to update the look of the home by changing the color or want to match the classic colors, we can help! The colors will be matched perfectly by our experts. We know how to treat historic buildings with our careful prepping and paint removal for jaw-dropping results!

When dealing with older homes, it is very important to hire painters who know how to safely remove lead. We are certified to remove lead with the utmost care. Preparing your historic home for its new look is extremely important. What sets Final Touch apart from other painting companies in the Chicago area is our expertise and years of experience.

Our painters are experts in prepping the interior and exterior of old homes. Final Touch will work with you and your preferences and ideas in the restoration of your historic home.

We know that restoring your historic home can be a costly endeavor but here at Final Touch we want to work with you within your budget and can negotiate doing your project in stages. Even if your home isn’t historic and is just old, we want to restore it! Final Touch is committed to making your home look beautiful no matter what the age and condition.

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