Using Interior Color to Boost Your Office’s Morale This Winter

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brightening an office with interior paint

Winter is a unique season in that at its outset spirits are exceptionally high. After all, there is often extra vacation time, projects to wrap up, parties to attend, and a sense of fun that doesn’t quite die out no matter how old you get. At the same time, however, after the rush of the holidays you might find the morale in your business or office environment beginning to dip. The days are short, making the workday feel longer, the air is cold, and productivity starts to slip.

What can you do about these winter office blues?

You can actually do quite a bit by making even small changes here and there in both your interior paint color and design choices. 

Out with the Blues and in with Fresh Color

Here are a few ideas to help keep you and your team positive, inspired, and upbeat this winter!

  • First, try to remove the colors blue and grey as much as you can from your office space. Psychologically they will work against you, eliciting feelings of cold and depression.
  • Inject bright colors! Reds, oranges, and yellows are your friend during the colder seasons. They naturally create warmth and light. Depending on your situation you might not be able to paint large areas these colors, but an accent wall or even a few bright decorations will make a difference.
  • Plant life can help! It doesn’t cost much to add a vibrant plant, large or small, to your work area, but the presence of green, brightness, and life will help to improve your outlook.
  • Encourage your staff to stay active! Even if it’s just a matter of carving out 15-20 minutes to make a run to the coffee shop, a brisk walk releases endorphins and reduces stress. Avoid stagnant positions.
  • Brighten your space! Invest in a couple of extra lights so that your work area is never dark and shadowy (especially in the afternoon).

Do You Need a Commercial Painting Company?

Hiring a commercial painter to come into your place of business and update/brighten your colors can go a long way toward improving office life. Why not reach out to us at Final Touch Painting and Decorating? It would be our pleasure to put our variety of painting services to work for you.

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