The Basics of Staining Doors for Your Chicagoland Home

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Final Touch Decorating is the expert in every aspect of making your home beautiful.  Changing the color and look of wood doors in your home is a simple way to add elegance and style. Whether you want to darken the wood of your front door or match doors to your new dining room furniture, the professionals at Final Touch are here to exceed your expectations.

Most doors that are “new” can be stained. An exception are hardwoods, like maple. These woods are usually treated with only a clear finish. After any door is stained, the surface must be coated in several coats of clear finish. This will protect the stain and your door.

The length of the process to stain your doors depends on the size, location and condition. If the home is empty or lived in or if we are doing the work in our shop, an also influence how long the job will take.  An approximate amount of time to expect if the project is done on site, is about 6-8 hours for staining and finishing.

Staining doors is a process that requires skill and dedication. Average painting companies will not have the same results that the professionals of Final Touch achieve. Many companies will not even take on these jobs.  Contact Final Touch Decorating today to answer any questions you may have about staining. We want to help create beautiful stained doors in your home that will last for years!

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