The 5 P’s of Painting in Chicago

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All paint jobs are not created equally. When you think of a painter coming into your home, you imagine the result to be a beautiful paint job that seamlessly ties your room together and lasts for years.  The problem with this daydream of perfect colors dancing on the walls of your living room is that most painters do not follow a simple rule.

This rule is very simple to remember since all words start with the letter P, Proper Prep Prevents Poor Performance or the 5 P’s. This is the motto that the Final Touch painters here in Chicago live by. We want your paint job to add beauty to your home.

The key to proper preparation is an understanding of the surface, area and location that will be painted.  In terms of surfaces, there are many different types that can be painted such as drywall, wood, plaster or metal. Each of these surfaces must be treated differently prior to the application of any paint.  Some may need to be sanded or scraped, primed or stripped. Our expert painters are educated about the correct treatment of many different types of surfaces. 

The location of the paint job also affects how the area is prepped. If the exterior of your home is being painted, it will require prep that takes into account weather elements. Interior painting projects like bathroom walls have to be prepped for possible high moisture levels. Final Touch Painting makes sure to take the correct preparations with every job to ensure great results.  

The reason Final Touch follows this rule so carefully is because insufficient prep can ruin the look of your home.  Signs of a poor paint job are paint that peels, flakes, bubbles or cracks.  Don’t take your chances with a company who doesn’t take the time to follow the 5 P’s. Call Final Touch today for spectacular results.

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