Commercial Flooring for Breweries

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commercial flooring for breweries

Just as in any commercial setting, a lot is asked of your brewery floor. Beside the normal wear and tear of foot traffic, there also is the ongoing weight of machinery and equipment, along with the occasional leaks, spills, and staining. You brewery floor needs to be durable, easily cleaned, stain-resistant, and, in many cases, stylish too.

Brewery Flooring Options

There are a few different options that might meet your specific flooring needs:

  • Epoxy Floor Coating - This popular commercial flooring system is seamless, drastically reducing the potential for trapped bacteria to grow, while also being easily cleaned and maintained. Additionally, epoxy coated floors are incredibly durable, happily standing up to whatever your environment requires. It also can be applied in a variety of styles and colors to help it blend in with your decor.
  • Concrete Polishing - If a coating doesn’t interest you, polished concrete might. A professional polishing not only causes your concrete floor to be brighter and more reflective, but it also decreases its moisture retention because of the breathability of the surface. This allows for a rugged, sanitary finish that doesn’t easily harbor bacteria and mildew.
  • Stained Concrete - This option allows for not only great style, but also is a protective coating for your concrete, increasing its durability and ease of cleaning.

You might notice that the common denominator for these options is that they all have the same end goal: preserving and protecting your flooring while reducing the need for costly repairs and replacement down the road.

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