Choosing Exterior Colors for Your Home

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What comes to mind when you think of exterior painting? Maybe you think of spending a lot of Saturdays on a ladder, or painting minimally; only worrying about the portions you absolutely have to. Or maybe you think about how paint is important! After all, it provides protection, acting as a barrier between the elements and your siding.

That might all be true, but let’s think bigger for a minute.

Exterior painting is an opportunity to truly customize your home, incorporating styles that you love and making the place your own. It’s a chance to not only protect your investment, but make it pop. Wow factor. Curb appeal. To add a splash of color.

So, what colors should you choose? Ultimately only you can truly answer that question. It might be dictated to a degree by your neighborhood (your neighbors might have an opinion or two), or by the architectural heritage of the region you live in. But, when it comes down to it, this is YOUR home. You decide.

Options for Home Colors

Here is a summary of some of the major options you have to choose from, and a few thoughts to go along with each:

  • Greys and Beiges - The fun behind these deeper, earthy colors, is that they basically beg for colorful accents. Maybe a unique door color, trim, or shutters would work well. Also, these color choices can be complimented well by the natural features of your home, like brick or stone that may be incorporated into the architecture.
  • Blue - This can be a bold color. Bright blue will look larger than life, and maybe not in a good way. It can work, but maybe more as an accent color. Lighter blue, however, or something in the slate family, can look fantastic for total coverage.
  • Green - Green is another color that can either be very, very bold, or when used in a more subdued way looks fantastic. Play with the shades and see what works for you!
  • Yellows and Golds - A soft, buttery-colored home can look warm, inviting, and glow in the sunshine. Compliment it with darker shutters and you will have a stunning home.

Or, Ask a Professional Painting Service for Help!

One great way to quickly finish your exterior painting project with a top-quality result, and get expert advice for color selection, is to hire a reputable painting service near you!

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