Choosing Colors to Increase Office Productivity

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When you think of choosing office paint colors, you might look at the process through the lens of personal preference. The color sample book is open and you flip page by page; this one is too bright, that one is too dark, or maybe there’s one that’s a little too funky.

But what if there is more to choosing paint colors?

Well, there is. Color psychology tells us that different colors actually interact with our brain in different ways, sometimes calming, invigorating, or inspiring you, all at the subconscious level. Amazing, isn’t it?

Armed with the right choices, you can select interior paint colors that actually act as silent employees, working right alongside your team to produce a strategically chosen effect.

Learn Your Colors All Over Again

We all remember learning our primary colors. Take a look a bit deeper, now digging below the surface of simply Red, Blue, and Green. Here are a few tips for choosing the very best colors to meet your needs:

  • Red - This is an intense color. It kicks not only the brain into gear, but even has been shown to raise heart-rates! Because of this, why not use it as an accent color? After all, a little intensity is good, but too much can wear you down.
  • White - While too much white can be boring to the eye, it can be used strategically. It absorbs and reflects light, while also creating an illusion of more space than is actually there, so why not use it in darker and more confined areas? It can increase morale by brightening a room.
  • Orange and Yellow - These particular colors tend to elicit a lot of enthusiasm, but also shouldn’t be overbearing. Try using these colors not in mainstream work areas, but in secondary spaces, like the lunchroom.
  • Natural Colors - The deeper, calming nature of earthier tones can be a great compliment to the primary colors. They also tend to tone down their effect.

To go along with these, here is an office design tip: keep the spaces uncluttered. This will help to alleviate tension while also increasing productivity. And why not invest in a plant or two? The presence of nature can help reduce stress.

Do You Need a Commercial Painter?

A quality commercial painting service can help you make the very best decisions when it comes to interior paint and color selection. And, they can make sure that the work is done well and in a way that will look great for a long time to come. We hope you might contact us at Final Touch Decorating and let us put our services to work for you!

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