5 Energy-Saving Tips for Property Managers - Keeping Your Tenants Warm

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energy-saving tips for property managers in Chicago

As a property manager or landlord, you know that there are plenty of costs to consider. Building maintenance, updates, interior and exterior paint, and repairs all can add up quickly. Especially now as we head into the colder months of the year, you probably are looking for energy-saving tips and tricks; maybe ways to take a little bit of the sting out of heating costs especially.

And, beside the cost, a warm and comfortable building is important for keeping your tenants happy as well! That adds its own, important brand of value to your property.

Ideas for Keeping Your Heating Costs Down

Increased building efficiency isn’t always about any one huge investment in particular; most often it involves smaller, wise decisions that add up to large savings. Here are a few to consider:

  • Plugging Leaks – Think of your building as a ship that needs to be water-tight. Find the “leaks” and plug them up! This can be done with a candle (or an incense stick); move the lit candle around your door and window frames while watching carefully for those spots where the flame jumps. Drafts around windows can be plugged with caulk, and those around doors (typically at the bottom) with a draft stopper from your local home supply store.
  • Replace Your Furnace Filter – Just like your vacuum cleaner will stop working as well as it once did when the filter is clogged, your furnace won’t run as efficiently or effectively when it needs a new filter. It’s worth checking at the beginning of the season!
  • Attic Insulation – Heat rises, so if your attic has poor insulation (or maybe none!) you are literally donating your heat to the great outdoors. Adding insulation can help to seal in the warmth.
  • Shut Your Bathroom Fan Off – It’s extremely easy to leave the fan on in your bathroom, but when you do you are pulling heat right out of the room. Encourage your tenants to shut the fan off as soon as they can.
  • Window Insulation – Windows can be a real weak-spot in the insulation of your home, especially if they are older. Try using a window insulation kit; essentially shrink-wrapping over the window to create a pocket of air between the glass and plastic that acts as a sealed buffer.
  • Communicate With Your Tenants – Make heating a team effort! In a friendly way, maybe post suggestions like these for your tenants to easily find. After all, a warm and efficient home is a benefit to them too. While you’re discussing these things, it might be wise to add a reminder about space-heater safety. If you don’t have guidelines for their use, you may want to specify those now as we head into the colder months.

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