About Us

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In 2001 Final Touch Painting began serving the Chicago area with just a staff of two. Its mission was simple: to provide great, high-quality service, and to build a relationship of trust with his clients.

In some ways, a lot has changed since 2001. After all, the business has grown from just three to now include teams of professional painters. But while the size of the company has changed, the fundamentals have not. Final Touch Painting is just as committed as ever to the quality and attention to detail used in each project, and the teams at every job site are dedicated to working in a way that reflects the foundation that Final Touch Painting was built upon.  

What Makes Us Different?

We know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing a professional, commercial painting company. Our core values, dedication to meeting your needs, and the promises we stand by are what truly make us stand out:

  • We will not recommend any work that is not absolutely necessary.
  • Because of the pride we take in our workmanship, we do not cut corners. We would rather do the right thing than the easy thing.
  • Every project we work on is completed by our experienced, qualified professionals. We do not work with sub-contractors.
  • We stand by our work by offering one of the best guarantees that you will find in the Chicago area.
  • You can absolutely count on your work being finished on-time and in a predictable way. After all, we understand that working without disrupting your schedule is of paramount importance. When we say it will be done, consider it done.

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